Trucks Moving Dirt Uncovered at Candlestick Point

Thursday 23 July 2015 02:15:54 PM

Location: Candlestick Point Stadium

Categorie: Air


Trucks hauling dirt into the Candlestick Point Stadium demolition and construction project are uncovered and driving on the roads. This has been recported to 866-Lennar. I have gotten a call back from Jermaine Smith, but no explanation why. I called on 7-23, got a call back on 7-24. Jermaine Smith told me he would notify the contractor. Today, July 28, trucks are still moving dirt uncovered. Huge piles of new dirt are untreated and uncovered. Wind gusts went up to 24 mph in the afternoon today, which is very typical, according to our wind-speed monitor. (You can view the data at and see that at around 4pm every day the wind gusts somewhere between 20 and 25 mph.) This is a significant concern for our community regarding dust management in the Candlestick Point demolition site.


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