noise pollutuon

Friday 9 September 2016 09:13:54 PM

Location: 1610 Armstrong Avenue, San Francisco, CA, United States

Category: Air


Live band with drunken members playing loud vibrating music days nights weekends mornings holidays disrupting the peace & disturbing the quiet enjoyment


Author: Bradley Angel - Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice



The task force has received this complaint and will forward it to the appropriate agency and will discuss this at the upcoming task force meeting on September 15th at 6 pm.

Author: Alona Davis, Bay Area Air Quality Management District



This was mistakenly marked as an air quality complaint.

Author: Jonathan Piakis, SFDPH Noise Control Officer



All noise issues and complaints can be submitted as service requests through the 311 system. The San Francisco Noise Ordinance is enforced by multiple departments depending on the source of the noise and use of the 311 system ensures that each complaint is forwarded to the appropriate agency. Service requests and complaints can be submitted online at or via telephone but dialing 3-1-1 within San Francisco or 415-701-2311 from numbers outside of San Francisco. After submittal, residents will be given a service request number which can be used to track the status of the request.



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