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Monday 17 June 2019 12:10:07 PM

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In January 2019. I first reported a puddle of water on my hallway floor. I had been back and forth to hospital sick from January until February 17 with a severe and chronic cough. (I moved into the unit in December 2018). After water appeared several more times before someone was actually sent out. Maintenance removed my toilet and shared with me that it wasn't my toilet or shower. I was told that the floors were concrete and there is no way that water could be coming from wall/ floor (no pipes) as i reported. Then a contractor came out he stated the base of the wall in bathroom floor was damp/wet according to his hand held water finder tool. However, they were still unable to locate the "mystery leak"I was asked to monitor and report immediately when water appeared. I reported verbally, by having onsite manager come to my unit, pictures and video. However, the source was unknown. In the mean time my grandson visits and only after being in unit 1 hour he had a severe asthma attack which landed him in hospital for 3 days. I continued to get sick, severe allergy attacks, runny nose, itchy eyes and chronic cough so severe i had to get several breathing treatments at urgent care. I requested an air quality test on May 17th with our onsite case-manager. On June 6, 2019 someone from Ideal came to do a air quality test (his findings-mold), Management was instructed to get me out of unit immediately further stated " he didn't understand how i was living in the unit that i urgently needed to be moved. On Monday June10th another man came to my unit with equipment to do air quality test. He set up the equipment and begun test. I asked the man shouldn't the door and windows be closed while you to the test? He then closed my front door but didn't start over which i questioned. How can you get accurate reading? He asked how long had the door been open. The door had been open for at least 20 minutes and I never close the windows since my move in date. ( I have pictures and videos i am unsure how to upload pictures from my phone to the site).


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