The worse dumping site in Hunters Point

Saturday 20 February 2021 04:00:00 AM

Location: 75 Crisp Rd, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

Categorie: Solid Waste


I walked to the eastern boundary of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard on Saturday 02/20/21 at about 4pm and discovered it is probably the worse dumping sites in Hunters Point. Crisp Road at it's intersection at the end of Palou is the site of a full street of dumping and junk vehicles. 200 Crisp Road is the specific street number. The solid waste and dumping includes discarded metal from vehicles, household items, clothing and purses. It is possible this is an extremely dangerous homeless encampment. I experienced a sudden whiff of fumes that smelled like diesel or gasoline. My nose started to run despite the fact I was wearing a multilayer mask. What is most disturbing is that a children's playground is directly across the street and within 25 feet of the dump. Walking southeast to the shipyard Fenceline boundary at Revere and Griffith is another large dumping area facing the Parcel E-2 shoreline and the South Basin.



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