Petroleum odor emanating from Hunters Point Shipyard Main Entry/Site of Illegal Dumping

Saturday 20 February 2021 04:45:27 PM

Location: 200 Crisp Road, San Francisco, CA 94124

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I have submitted a series of IVAN and BAAQMD on line and phone reports stemming from astounding health and safety violations I witnessed first hand and have photo/video/YouTube documentation of. The most serious arose at the 200 Crisp Road main entry to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and it's chemical and radiation contaminated Parcel E-2 landfill, shoreline and South Basin region. The entire street in the 200 Crisp Road block is the site of the biggest illegal dumping I have ever witnessed! As I was photo and video documenting the site I had a sudden "whiff" of a petroleum odor. I was standing in the intersection of Crisp Road at the far eastern end of Palou in the 900 block. Within minutes my nose began to run. Of note I had on a properly fitted multilayer cloth mask created for health professional use. What made the incident even more serious is that I captured children playing in a housing development playground directly across the street and within 25 feet of the odor emitted and the illegal dump at 200 Crisp Road.




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