Chronic Illegal Dumping and Toxic Substances at Yosemite Slough Superfund Site

Tuesday 14 September 2021 02:09:46 AM

Location: 1305 Wallace Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

Category: Solid Waste


I walked six blocks east from the major intersection at 3rd Street and Yosemite Avenue to the western shore of Yosemite Slough on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at approximately 2pm. In contrast to site visits conducted this year, the eastern entry to the federal Superfund site now has concrete barriers in place and a sign posted at the entry notifying the public of the proposed clean up. The barriers, however, do not prevent access to Yosemite slough and piles of illegal dumps have amassed east of the concrete barriers that are not human encampments. The entire western shoreline is covered with dumped materials and in one photo a white powdery substance is spilled on the ground that may be toxic. This site is obviously not being regularly monitored by the City & County of San Francisco or by the EPA. The IVAN does not allow upload of a video taken of the region but can be accessed on Youtube at: This eastern entry to Yosemite Slough is adjacent to warehouses but is two blocks east of residences and four to six blocks east of a "nest" of sensitive receptors that include the Southeast Health Center on Keith, Bayview Playground & MLK Swimming Pool on Carrol, a high volume McDonalds between Yosemite Avenue and Wallace, the Bayview Senior Center, 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation and Delancey Street. Double Rock public housing is located immediately south. The Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Program has conducted numerous screenings of residents and workers in this region that detect arsenic, radioactive and carcinogenic heavy metals. The EPA cleanup plan identifies lead and PCB's to be chemicals of concern.


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