Yosemite ave adjacent to Yosemite Slough

Thursday 27 January 2022 03:38:02 AM

Location: 1391 Wallace Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

Category: Solid Waste


Although the dumping that occurs at the end of this street is done by various people and usually by a motor vehicle, it is the individuals residing here that drag the debris into the park area. They remove it from the street which means public works will not clean it up and use the materials to litter the park and build structures. The accumulated pile has been fostering a large colony of rats and whether intentional or accidentally, these piles have been burning every night this week giving off toxic plumes that spread for blocks.


Author: Dick Hansen Rodriguez

Email: hrodriguez@baaqmd.gov


BAAQMD Inspector inspected the location and did not observe or smell the toxic plume from burning garbage at the time of the investigation. Please contact the BAAQMD complaint hotline at (800) 334-6367 so that we can immediately respond to any air quality issues or concerns.





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