Toxic dusts

Monday 31 January 2022 05:05:06 AM

Location: 2946 arelious Walker Dr, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

Category: Air


Dust of trucks come to cement crushing operations is killing all residents slowly as we cannot open the windows to get air. Car can accumulate dust in 1 day completely full. Our our house inside and out and streets cover with dusts. Particle in the air can cause cancer and many sicknesses for Bret harte Middle school, elder, kids and playground where kids play. Winds can blow dust every where, car tire can pick up dust fly every where. Tuck carry cement vibration in the bed flying dust every Where. How can we a life like this, no windows open, dust on car can't even seen and many more.


Author: Dick Hansen Rodriguez



BAAQMD Inspector was conducting an investigation around the area on January 31 and February 1-4 and did not observe dust from the crushing operations nor around the neighborhood. Please contact the BAAQMD complaint hotline at (800) 334-6367 so that we can immediately respond to any air quality issues or concerns.



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