Raw sewage overflow

Wednesday 20 January 2016 07:05:18 PM

Location: 44 Leland Ave, San Francisco, CA, United States

Category: Solid Waste


For almost two months, neighbors and I called#311 to report raw sewage coming from the street vent in front of 44 Leland Ave, a laundromat with two apartments upstairs. Workmen from the Sewer Department probably came a few times ONLY to flush this vent and the small area around it but ignoring the contaminated areas all the way to Bayshore & Leland Avenues. One of the #311 Operators told me that regardless of the number of complaints, ONLY one complaint number is filed within the 24-hour period thus frustrating neighbors with this disgusting problem which continues for almost two months on our little commercial street. Finally, by complaining to several City department personnel, I was able to get the City to dig into the area and locate the problem -- probably since yesterday! QUESTION: Why does #311 take almost 2 months to get this problem addressed? We still don't know the extensive effects of the contamination on the City-planted trees etc.,


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