Trash dumping on CalTrain/SamTrans property

Friday 18 March 2016 03:26:54 PM

Location: 200-218 Tunnel Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134, USA

Category: Solid Waste


This fenced open lot is owned by CalTrain, managed by SamTrans under the Joint Powers Board that our D-10 Sup. Cohen sits on. The last tenant moved out @ 1 year ago leaving a mess of trash. Neighbors have volunteered to clean it up, but have no permission or access. SamTrans real estate mgr. Cindy Lee, told us Universal Paragon Corp's Bayside Development wants to lease it for construction use, but no one has ever cleaned it up, nor removed the major graffiti there either.


Author: Stella Yip



Called 3-1-1 on 3/21 7:30 p.m. to report scattered trash on vacant lot. The City will address this issue in 3 calendar days. Confirmation number 568-7123.

Author: Tony Verreos



In follow up call to 311 Apr 13, 2016, Nancy told me this case was reported 4-13, and noted on 4-21 as inspected, and closed on 4-22 as "completed." Problem is nothing was ever done. My concern is the person who closed the case is not doing their job. Also the description of where the trash is - which was not bags of trash. it was scattered debris including concrete block and a automobile bench seat inside a locked fenced lot owned by CalTrain, has not been touched. Good news is, Brad Mooney, Project Director for Bayside Development told me yesterday that he will see to it the lot is cleaned up before end of APR. If not, we will open a new compliant.



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