mold .

Wednesday 13 April 2016 12:19:07 PM

Location: 201 Washington Rd#13

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stated mold growing on my ceiling, I then went to managements office . They then came to my apartment. They began to say it was not mold, one could also see their had been a problem at one time. I said, did you have water damage at one time. They said yes. It was clear to see on the out side of cut all around it speckled with mold. So they left. I spent a week and half eyes swelled shut. When I looked up images of mold in body on skin, it look just like what I had. Face Purple in color eye red to black. Yes went to Dr. Dr. stated, no mold. I received a round or steroids , ok I went back to office. State o they aren't doing a thing I would call some one who would. Manager then call her supervisor and handed me the phone this lady informed me that's the maintenance man who was certified in mold and that he would definitely take care of it okay well we will return to my apartment he brought a magic eraser and step ladder he got up on the step ladder and wiped out the mold and turned to me and asked me what did I expect him to do I told him I certainly didn't expect you to put a bandaid on it and then they left and they haven't been back well but they did go up to each of my neighbors and check if their attics there has been mold here and it's a senior apartment complex . every person here has COPD and I find that unbelievable after my doctor's appointment she told me they did to me I had COPD I don't have a breathing problem possibly now I did call the environmental health in my County's office they said I could make a complaint that they couldn't do anything about it thank you


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