Biological contamination

Sunday 19 July 2015 12:08:36 PM

Location: 269 Tunnel Ave.

Categorie: Air


Large seagull droppings carried by the winds hit the sides of buildings, roofs, yards, streets, sidewalks, and playgrounds. We are told that this presents biological contamination that can spread disease similar to other vector pests. We are told it should be cleaned up, however as an individual homeowner, we are not even able to hose it off a wall, and this is a drought. Recology is the responsible party, as they operate their facilities in such a manner that they attract seagulls, crows, and pigeons to the food sources. We hear that the only means they use to attempt to discourage the birds is loud fireworks. That contributes to our Noise complaints, and only disturbs the birds long enough for them to fly around a bit and crap on us!


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