Continuous Illegal Treated Sewage Discharge

Friday 24 July 2015 08:38:45 PM

Location: 676-698 Arthur Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124, EE. UU.

Categorie: Water


On Wednesday 7/22/15 a person kayaking in the Islais Creek Park area, and Sewage Pump Station, spotted an unusual water turbulence springing up from the creek's water. It was then reported to proper authorities. The South East Sewage Plant was notified. Arrangements were made to have professional divers come out to the site on Friday 7/24/15. In the interim very significant amounts of turbulent water continued springing up, and/or leaking. When divers arrived on Friday they discovered there is a significant hole in the Islais Creek Pump Station-sewage discharge piping underneath the creek, which continues to leak treated sewage presently. This treated sewage is normally pumped much further out through piping under the Islais Creek Channel, beyond the local pier into the bay. By state law the discharge leaking of treated sewage in the Islais Creek is a violation. Although, this sewage leak was discovered on Wednesday 7/22/15, this leak could have been going on for a long time, months or longer. The pipe is leaking now and discharging hundreds of thousands of gallons a day, or more likely, millions of gallons a day into the Islais Creek. In the interim, public recreation such as kayaking and fishing in the Islais Creek continues. It is not known why the Southeast Plant water department Officials have not treated this leak like the emergency it really is, and have the proper repairs made to the sewage discharge piping immediately ASAP, which is estimated to be 66" in diameter or greater. Official management incompetence and disrespect for Bayview Hunters Point seems to be involved in the way this emergency is handled. We hope the Bayview Hunters Point community gets the respect and treatment it deserves with the handling of this matter. Bayview Hunters Point deserves the same treatment as more affluent areas when it comes to service from the CCSF Sewage Treatment Plant.


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